Friday, August 29, 2014

Netflix gains more momentum with Ricky Gervais - Creative Excellence Fridays

They go together like Netflix and chips. Or crisps if you prefer. Ricky Gervais is the latest A list celeb to tie his wagon to the juggernaut of television streaming. Netflix has been on a roll the last three years. Some attribute House of Cards with the beginning of the momentum. Their first original programming that garnered Emmy nominations. Since then they'd green lit several original productions including the much talked about Orange is the New Black. And  they've been a delivery mechanism that has effectively made video stores as redundant as a phone booth. Netflix is also responsible for new phrases in the English language like "binge watching" and "I'm Netflicking tonight".

And with all the momentum going their way they are also becoming a target of success with Netflix style competitors starting to line up in the wings. Amazon Prime Instant, Hulu Plus and HBO GO could start to chip away at Netflix’s ability to grow its subscriber base in 2014. In Canada, Rogers and Shaw are launching Shomi in November. For now, celebs that matter know what side their streaming bread is buttered on.  Ricky Gervais brings his brit grit to  Netflix with a series of commercials that poke fun at their two main hits.  The result is very well done and even features cast members you will probably recognize.


The outtakes are almost as good as the finished commercial.


 Netflix is the streaming monster to beat. They've cozied up to  internet providers  to make sure the tap is kept open, and they've set themselves up as a welcome port in a creative storm for many personalities and writers looking to ply their craft in less micro-managed waters. Netflix is savy enough to  enjoy the ride and keep the party going as long as possible.

 In the meantime, they are enjoying a raft of popularity. And when you're at the top you also have to have a good sense of humour. Recently Mashable featured a series of Netflix show descriptions based on what the writer saw on the show publicity shot.Creative Excellence Fridays  Dexter description - Netflix Dexter description - Netflix[/caption] It's been said, the funniest person in the room is usually the most confident. And these days Netflix is pretty funny.

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