Friday, June 20, 2014

The best of the new World Cup Commercials - Creative Excellence Fridays -

Even if you're not a fan of the beautiful game, you can't help but be swept over by the buzz. Cycling down the Danforth last night I noticed Greek town was anything but business as usual as people merged into the street moving from pub to restaurant. And never  far from a blaring screen. Toronto is a cultural melting pot where on any given day you can see cars bearing a flag from any of the represented nations accompanied by people hanging out of their vehicle like they just sat on a sharp cleat.  The fervor never runs higher than during World Cup. Yes, as a hockey addicted Canuck I admit I get swept up in the passion and creativity of the World Cup commercials. Here are three of the best as recently chosen by the Huffington Post.

 Kia - The difference between Football...and Futbol.


 Nike - Write the Future


 And finally, a sweet homage to the greats of the past.   Pele is holding up pretty well.


 It's difficult for anyone from the United States to digest that their Super "game" is smaller in world stature than World Cup. But numbers don't lie. The only exaggeration is the players on the field when they've been fouled. But that too is a part of the adorable charm of the "beautiful game."

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