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Madmen inspired 1960's beer commercials - Creative Excellence Fridays CEFridays

Matt Weiner's research department on Madmen is one of the best in the business.  And to Weiner's credit, he's a stickler for detail.  Many of the shows were built around real life headlines.  See a passage from an AdAge article this week.

Hershey Names Ogilvy for $10,000,000 Effort During the episode last week's episode, Roger Sterling seems indifferent to find out that Ogilvy had signed Hershey.  O&M  did in fact win the $10 million account on February 13, 1969. Madmen has been great for the ad profession.  The older viewers are able to watch and say "I remember that!".  Younger viewers take it in and probably comment on how a sixty second commercial seems like an eternity.

 Here is a bit more flavour from that era.  Fred and Barney hyping beer.  They promoted cigarettes too but that's another story.   In what may seem like forever, here's a 4 minute promotional movie created to target "the working man".  It was created by Flintstones creators Hanna Barbara through St Louis ad shop Gardner Advertising.  The only thing missing is  the absence of the the live dart bird saying "'s a living."


 And the beer that made Milwaukee famous is still going strong. In the late 1960's they started with a guys guy, let's gargle some rusty nails, you only live once theme.  Here's a perfect example, although I highly doubt Tahitian maidens were actually pouring Schlitz regularly in the backwoods of no where.

If you have an interest in brewery history, check out the book Schlitz Brewing Art which features the famous brewery prior to being torn down in Milwaukee. As MadMen works towards it's conclusion,  I'd be very surprised to see Don and whatever ad agency he ends up with not making a pitch for a brewery.  Unless of course, the Canadian Club account comes up for review.

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