Friday, March 21, 2014

Samsung's new way of tackling Apple - Creative Excellence Fridays

Steve Jobs is looked on as, well, almost a prophet.  At least when it comes to technology.  But his true talent was in his vision and ability to gage the consumer's needs.  A cassette tape recording of a speech he gave in 1983 was released this week.   This was months prior to the 1984 release of the Apple personal computer.  But he was already predicting that the average person would have more interaction with the computer than with their car. You can hear the whole clip on this Mashable page.

 Apple celebrates 30 years of existence in the personal computer business.  I recall the campaign  directed by Ridley Scott that started it all.  Ridley Scott went on to create many more works of magic.  As did Apple. Here in 2014 is the powerful piece that shows what can be done in one day, shot entirely on an Apple iphone.

Apple has always had a knack for bringing interesting products to market with a message that speaks to the cooler consumer.  But Steve Jobs was clear on his vision.   Apple was about creating great innovative products, perfecting them behind closed doors and then bringing them to market.  Not beta testing google glass. Three years after the passing of Jobs, Apple still commands respect in the branding spectrum.  But Samsung has gained considerable ground. And they their advertising messaging  has found a new, honest and frank voice to talk to the fickled consumer.  In their new ad, featured in Time magazine, they take on the competition point by point.  The dialogue is so real.  Especially the line "I've got the retina thingy."

This is a highly effective way to talk to the consumer.  Does it have the Apple cool?  Not the same kind of cool. But it speaks to the masses. And Steve Jobs would have respected that to the core.

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