Friday, February 14, 2014

True athletes on and off the field - Creative Excellence Fridays

As the Olympics wind their way through Sochi, I wanted to focus this week's Creative Excellence Fridays on inspiring sports commercials.

Athletes dig down deep and use whatever emotion they can draw on to pull out that ultimate performance. Sacrifices like Calgary's Gilmore Junio giving up his spot to Denny Morrison in men's speedskating, and the ski jump athletes who dedicated their performances to the late Sarah Burke show the level of dedication. Whatever it takes. This is the mantra of athletes.

 Nike tapped into this adrenalin years ago with a long legacy of outstanding, inspiring commercials. Here are two examples here, even more impressive by completely omitting any announcer. It's all film and audio cuts. Here's a who's who of athletes from 2008.


Nike does the same with this commercial from 2006. All edits. Inspiring shots. No spoken words. No one said competition like Michael Jordan.

The competitive spirit. It's in all of us. And it's fuelled by emotion. Creative credits to Wieden+Kennedy

 And here's to some of our favourite heroes. We had the privilege of producing this video with the amazing people of West Park Healthcare Centre to spotlight four of their patients. They all show Olympian courage.

Jamoi, Eric, Linda and Lissette are our true heroes. And inspiration for any athlete, anywhere.

With over 30 years experience, Tim McLarty  currently works out of Toronto Canada as a writer/voice performer, producer and media strategist producing advertising and entertainment content.

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