Friday, February 7, 2014

The Olympics have always been a bit gay - Creative Excellence Fridays

Alina KabaevaPutin and Alina Kabayeva It's almost mind boggling how, in 2014, anti gay sentiment can still make the headlines.  But Vladimir Putin managed to exasperate public relations and opinion leaders around the world with his blatant anti gay stance politically, just prior to inviting the world to his door.  But this is the same leader who hunts and fishes shirtless and is the poster boy for Russian testosterone overload. And, given that he's rumoured to be dating a 30 year old gold medal winning Olympic gymnast, you'd think he'd pretty much crossed off all the mandatory boxes next to the hetero checklist.

The world has responded.  Barack Obama has sent his signal by putting a delegation of openly gay former athletes together to represent America.  And not to be outdone, Canada has responded with a heavily viraled commercial.  Well to be accurate, it's not a Canadian government commercial.  It's from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion.  The soundtrack is Human League "Don't you Want Me" and, well, the commercial says it all.

As more and more athletes come out, it becomes less and less a big deal.  As it should have been all along.

Here's a commercial that says what the Olympics are really about.  It's a follow up to the first "Thank you Mom" execution done for the 2012 summer Olympics. Congratulations to Procter and Gamble for supporting a beautiful piece of cinema.  If your eyes don't tear up just a little after watching this,  I know a certain Russian leader who'd welcome you on his next hunting trip.

Credits Wieden + Kennedy

Go Canada.


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