Friday, November 8, 2013

Using humour to sell casinos - Creative Excellence Fridays

One of my favourite commercials on the air right now is the one for Casino Rama. I was unable to verify, but it appears Marshall Fenn communications is responsible for this campaign. Producing a commercial for a gambling casino involves one thing; the idea of going somewhere that will help you escape the mundane routine of every day life. A thrill. Being freshly dumped publicly and in this humiliating fashion certainly would require a mind bending change of routine.

Not to be outdone, this commercial was produced by Fallsview Casino a few years back. It was so well written, cast and produced, I would delay my trip to the chip cupboard every time this commercial came on.

I never tire of watching this commercial, something that is difficult to say about all commercials that sell with comedy. If it's a commercial built around a big reveal, you have a short, short shelf life. But commercials like theses two have the magic elixir.

And one more for good measure.

I'm not sure what his chances are. But the odds of me watching these commercials again and again? Bet the house on it.

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