Friday, September 6, 2013

Ron Howard's Parenthood inspires new Microsoft commercial - Creative Excellence Fridays

TIFF has hit Toronto once again.   Having joined Trina Boo's Linked in group, Ad Lounge recently I was fortunate enough to see her posting of a recent commercial that reminded me of a classic film from years gone by.

Ron Howard's Parenthood was a gem and one of his best films, in my humble opinion.  And Ron Howard has quite a body of work to look back on. And he's no where near finished yet. Having said all that, Parenthood represents something special, something very unique. He captured real life with perfect casting, writing, and of course directing. The scene at the recital when the little girl troddles out on stage and knocks over the scenery is absolute gold.

This spot from Microsoft attempts to combat the heart strings that Apple and Samsung have been tugging on of late.   Very funny.

The above commercial is actually the second in a series. This equally hilarious ad ran a few months back, getting its' inspiration, one would assume, from "The Wedding Crashers". Brilliant.

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