Friday, September 27, 2013

He was the President's Choice - Remembering Dave Nichols

There was a time in Canada when you couldn't turn on the TV, radio, or point your beak at a billboard and not see Dave Nicols face. He didn't reinvent super market merchandising. But he was certainly the messenger. Galen Weston Sr deserved a lot of the credit. But there was no better soldier than Dave Nicol to carry the vision through to the masses. And people responded. Get a box of detergent as good as a name brand and pay much less? Where do I sign.

I remember my marketing professor in college, Lee Farah railing on about the evils of supporting a brand that didn't inject any money into marketing. He said we were shooting ourselves in the foot for supporting no-name products.  Dave Nicols knew better than most the importance of making no-name brand...a brand. And he did it with all the bells and whistles of the Tides and Colgates of the world
Here's a brief look at the life of Dave Nicols, courtesy of Loblaws marketing division.

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