Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What are the most useful social media platforms?

Where to post your content to achieve your goals? That's the biggest question in social media today. Social media has evolved exponentially in the last three years.

But common sense still prevails. You need to step back from the pinterest, instagram,vine-sanity and ask a few simple questions.

  1. Who is your market? It's the same question you asked when you started your business and social media was the furthest thing from your mind. 
  2. What social media platforms appeal to my audience/market/demographic? 

You're a skateboard company. You should be all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and as many social video platforms as possible, Youtube etc with video demonstrations of your product in action. You're a consulting company offering business to business services. You should pour yourself into Linked in and learn as much as you can about all the ways it can help you reach your target.


What are your goals/objectives? Don't just start pinning and uploading blindly. Determine what you're trying to achieve with social media. Is it to: increase traffic to your website? increase exposure/awareness to your brand? improve your seo? customer brand engagement? Okay, so you want to jump whole hog on to the social media band wagon. 


What tools do you need in your tool kit? A wise man once said, don't try and be all things to all people and play to your strengths. Be honest with yourself. If you're handy with a phrase and can write your own copy, that's a huge plus out of the gate. You'll need graphic design (photoshop wiz), videography, photography and a keen eye for trends (thus the term trending). Social media is as complex an undertaking as being your own advertising agency in the days before SM. It's not impossible, but demands a lot of your focus. Are there social media platforms that are more popular? Absolutely. 

Here is a list of some of the most useful and how they are used most effectively.

With over 30 years experience, Tim McLarty  currently works out of Toronto Canada as a writer/voice performer, producer and media strategist producing advertising and entertainment content.

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