Friday, August 16, 2013

Actors who do commercials - Creative Excellence Fridays

From the beginning of celebrity, actors have looked at ways of supplementing their income. Let's face it, in the acting business it can be feast or famine. And Armani and lear jets don't just grow on trees. So today, we look at some of the resourceful celebs who have reached out to the advertising world to top up their monthly moolah.

First up, an actor who has given his handlers a few bumps along the way in the past few years.  John Travolta has taken some hits for not coming out of the closet.  Whether there's a closet or not is irrelevant.  Unless you live in Russia of course.  Critics have more of an issue with him hiding it.  He may or may not be.  In this day and age the surprising thing is that anybody cares.  He's always had an element of cool dating back to Welcome Back Kotter.   Pulp Fiction firmly reestablished him 20 years ago and he continues to still have it with this offering from Vamos brasilizar.

Salma Hayek has done the odd commercial along the way. This is a cute commercial for the Milk Marketing board.

Reaching back into the gold vaults, Maclean Stephenson stars in the last offering today. Younger generations wouldn't be familiar with him but anyone who grew up watching Mash knows he played the loveable Lt. Colonel Henry Blake. Prior to his first break with a part on the Doris Day show, he was a professional pitch man. His warmth and perfect comic timing was used in commercials for Black Flag, Dolly Madison, Kelloggs and this one for Libby's.

When a commercial is over 40 years old and still holds up, you know you did something right.

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