Friday, June 7, 2013

Japanese advertising's best kept secrets - Creative Excellence Fridays

With advertising as it dips into the humour bag, we know that there are slight cultural idiosyncrasies that often make you think "what the heck was that?"

Take Japan for example.  Here's a country where part of the daily routine is being jammed into a subway car at rush hour by professional "train stuffers" to ensure everyone gets in.

Being in the advertising industry, it is interesting to see how some things remain the same; the desire to please the client at any cost, and the importance of keeping the stars happy.

This commercial is long in length by North American standards and likely aired in theatre as well as viral.  It comes from Dentsu Inc. which is pretty much a Japanese staple of industry, founded back in 1901.  They are engrained into pretty much every facit of Japanese living.   I especially like their tip on adding a little extra to the client coffee cup.

Japanese commercials tend to have great production values and you'll often see North American themes carried over. Or in this case, a British crying game.

Make no mistake, North American has borrowed liberally from Japan over the years too. Case in point, Akira Kurosawa. Japan continues to be an artistic hotbed of creativity. It's the cultural nuances that make it so worth watching.

With over 30 years experience, Tim McLarty  currently works out of Toronto Canada as a writer/voice performer, producer and media strategist producing advertising and entertainment content.

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