Friday, June 14, 2013

Doggy vending machines and more - Creative Excellence Fridays

What would happen if you put a vending machine made specifically for dogs into a park? Answer? You'd receive international press coverage.  And to the best of my knowledge, dogs still can't read. But it didn't stop the designer from labelling various parts of the machine.  Although based on the video below, the hounds seem to have figured it out without a lot of prompting.


 The doggy vending machine was the brain child of British dog food manufacturer, Bakers. They hired animal expert Peter Neville to work with them to build the doggy vending machine with the intention of creating an experience for dogs and their owners. They positioned a videographer to capture the event and the end result was amazing.

Next up, a viral that has 6 million hits.  Leo Burnett really hit this one out of the park.  I've seen ad creatives sharing this socially over the last two weeks.  And when a jaded collective like that applaud a piece of creative you know it has to be very special.

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