Friday, April 19, 2013

Gum will get you some - Creative Excellence Fridays

I can thankfully say I haven't been to a laundromat in years.

But after seeing today's first commercial, I may "accidentally" trip over the power source and load up for the nearest one.

Gum. It's kept jaws busy since the time of the ancient Greeks who chewed the resin from the Mastic tree. It has provided nervous jaws something to do, and allowed one the opportunity to express him/herself through the size and pop of the bubble snap.

Since Walter Diemer accidental stumbled on the perfect recipe for snap, pop and no crackle bubble gum in 1928, it's been a favourite of the chew set ever since.
But whether it's bubble gum, or chewing gum, it's still a challenge to market. What makes the brand unique?

Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory had his own ideas about this before, well, before he became Sheldon Cooper. Here's Jim Parsons in the 2006 commercial for Stride Gum.

And here's a bit of a bizarre commercial with a definite English flavour to it from Orbit gum.

And another Orbit ditty featuring "food breath."

The common denominator? Gum will get you some. It's not a new message. But it is definitely a message that won't end up on the bottom of your shoe.

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