Friday, March 1, 2013

Gay nazi commercial is hilarious - Creative Excellence Fridays

Creative Excellence is a so subjective. It's like rating a dress at the Oscars.  Who gets to decide it's a beautiful dress?  And by who's standards? This dress ....
is...ugly I would think by most standards. But only Sarah Jessica Parker could pull it off.  And she has a reputation for being different.  A dress that looks like a wolf pack ravaged bagpipe is not my idea of beautiful.  But being a beautiful thing.

Commercials? Same problem. One mans gold is another man's "what the hell was that?".   It's the objective of an advertiser to calculate who their best market is and craft a message that speaks directly to them; and say to hell with anyone who doesn't buy in to the humour, drama, visuals or approach. It's  "going for it" that wins awards, and drives consumers. You need to say "that worked." And know in your heart of hearts, it was a home run for your key audience.

National Geographic has a home run here.

Gay Nazi's. It's impossible to not want to watch this ad a few times. And forward it on to friends.   I'm not sure who came up with the concept, but it's pure funny. And, it gives the audience enough time at the end to absorb what the message is about and who is paying the tab.

Brilliant. And a CEFriday 10 out of 10.

Credits.  JWT Delhi.

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