Friday, February 1, 2013

Is Volkwagen's new Super Bowl commercial racist? Creative Excellence Fridays

Will Beyonce lip sync again at the half time show? Will Bob Costas make another verbal rant to save America from their gun totin' selves? And will Volkswagen go to air with what has turned into a controversial new commercial?

Volkswagen advertising hit the motherlode the last couple of years.  Last year's running dog was a real treat.  But the previous year  "The Force" commercial got over 49 million internet views.
The dilemna for Deutsch Advertising, the AOR of VW was ... "how do we top ourselves?"

In the pre-internet days it was generally a small group at the network who were the gatekeepers of what actually aired on Superbowl Sunday.

Now  with the web teaser pre-release commercials the advertiser and the network have to handle the heat of an audience who already has an inkling of the  final commercial.

Deutsch latest Volkswagen offering for SB Sunday is a spot featuring white midwesterners speaking "rasta monnn".  It was at first received with generally positive approval.  However as the more conservative elements got wind of it the drums of racism started to beat.

You be the judge.

Deutsch is so skilled at what they do, it's not outside the realm of consideration that this was a deliberately conceived controversy.  Their test market would have no issue with the creative and the additional coverage would add up to millions in unpaid exposure.  And the time of this writing this spot had already hit just under 5 million views.

Mercedes is back with a much talked about campaign featuring Kate Upton.  The teaser is better than the actual spot in my opinion.

Did you recognize Mad Men's Jon Hamm doing the voiceover tag?

Cars are a natural during the Super Bowl and you have to give full due to Audi for pulling this next spot together. What happens when an awkward teenager is given the keys to a brand new Audi for prom night?

Brilliant.  A 16 year old's hail mary pass to the promised land.  Enjoy the game.

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