Friday, February 15, 2013

Creative Excellence Fridays - Family day

Dalton is gone. Mr McGuinty got on his tainted white horse and rode off into the sunset. In Ontario, the now former Premiere, annointed family day as one of his lasting legacies. Regardless of anything else you may love him or hate him for, family day remains. It wasn't an original idea as Alberta introduced family day back in 1990. But, come Monday, you'll have a day to reflect on how much you love your family and hate February. Creative Excellence today looks at commercials that celebrate family. First up, a beautiful spot produced by Toyota Europe through Saatchi & Saatchi Duke, Saint Denis, France. It speaks the universal language, silence, except at the very end when the little girl announces that her daddy is her hero.


Next up a creative spot from Kia that answers the age old question, "Dad? Where do babies come from?".

This spot came from David and Goliath. 

They've handled the Kia account for a while now and have a very different approach to car advertising and received a lot of attention for their "yo yo Hamster" series.

And finally, Jimmy Johns. It's a sandwich chain founded in 1983. The commercials emphasize the fast delivery aspect with various scenarios of how quickly they arrive. The Spanish market in the United States in massive, and as a result, this commercial was created. The acting is not going to be gathering up any Golden Globes, but it's a fun spot just the same.

Enjoy family day. I know Dalton is.

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