Monday, December 10, 2012

48 FPS - is it the future of video production?

Peter Jackson carries a great deal of weight in the film and production community.  His choices for his highly successful string of Lord of the Rings films set the standard for cinema production values, with only James Cameron as a rival in innovation.

Now with the release of the Hobbit, December 14th he introduces the next benchmark in cinema superiority, 48 fps.  Conventional films are shot currently at 24 fps.   By doubling the frame rate, you double the amount of data to the naked eye.   Peter Jackson claims 48 fps eliminates a lot of the blur and strobing you see with 24 fps films.
But some claim it's more of a business decision.  

Peter Jackson has his own take on it.

“Movie audiences are dwindling. I’m not necessarily trying to be a saviour, because I think it takes more than just me, but we’re living in an age where kids are happy to watch films on their iPads. Anything we can do to make that experience in the theatre more immersive and more spectacular, so that there’s a reason to see a movie in the cinema, is a good thing."

If you're interested in more on 48 fps, try Peter Jackson's Facebook page.  
Bigger, faster, better.  And if something actually gets people out of their homes and into a theatre where a film like this is intended, I'm all for it.

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