Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Bull blows the doors off competitors with Baumgartner sponsorship

Marketing released an article today entitled "Will Baumgartner's jump sell more Red Bull?" I'm not sure this even merited an article. It couldn't be more obvious. Yes. Yes. and gurgle gurgle, glug glug, yes. I haven't seen such a well positioned, and more well followed promotion since, well, Evil Knievel jumped over Snake River in Idaho in 1974. But it wasn't nearly as slickly produced, and the obvious sponsorship connections were not in place. This was a no brainer.

Modern daredevil jumps (almost) from space, setting a record for the highest jump, soaring the speed the sound to the earth. RedBull's Facebook page got over 216,000 likes and 10,000 comments in under 40 minutes according to the CBC.

Think about the product. Liquid to fuel energy and adventure. If you're in the target group, what energy drink are you going to choose. The answer is obvious. How much did this sponsorship cost? Certainly comparable to a Superbowl commercial, but with exponentially more mileage. Drink up Red Bull. You deserve it.

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