Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrity Voiceovers vs Career Voice Talent Part II

Welcome to part II of Celebrity Voiceovers vs Career Voice Talent Last week we touched on the concept of hiring celebrity voices as opposed to a journeyman voice talent. We looked at some of the top voices from Hollywood voicing top brands. A few more reveals; John Goodman for Dunkin Donuts, George Clooney for AT&T, AquaFina and Budweiser and Juli Roberts for AOL. What some take issue with is the fact that she received reportedly seven figures for the commercial. Seven times the amount a union "non celeb" talent would receive. Is it worth it? As mentioned last week, yes there's cache in using a well known voice.

But listen to this voice. John Mohr. A beautiful sound. Layers of texture.

 On the female side, Liisa Lee has beautiful versatility to her voice.

 And then there's the movie trailer guys. They are what I call pseudo celebrity voices. No one knows their name. But we definitely know their voice. Don Lafontaine was at the top of his game when he passed away in 2008.


Here's a feature done shortly before Don's passing, featuring the other "million dollar voices" you don't know.


 Celebrity or journeyman. Who's best?  Only the check-out line knows for sure.

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