Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voiceover microphones for the voice-tech-weeny

I count myself as a small voice tech weeny. No, let's not go there. I'd be a big weeny if I was more technical. I just know what I like, as do thousands of other voiceover professionals around the world. Since 1992 I've bounced between my American made RE20 dynamic microphones, long a radio workhorse, and more recently my Rode NT1 (a very modest microphone), and my Senheiser MKH 416 (a shot gun mic with incredible range).

This morning in one of the Linked In groups I belong to, Paul Strikwerda started a thread entitled "The ideal voice-over mic you've never heard of." I enjoyed the thread but it's a question with no real answer.

It's like asking, what is the best car to drive? It depends on so many variables, of which cost and end satisfaction are always the combined criteria in the final decision.

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