Friday, September 14, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - Food fun

This week, our weekly salute of creative excellence touches on big ass fans, and barnyard eggs.
Normally this blog is all about video, but I wanted to include a clever print ad that came out not long ago.
Leafing through Architecture Digest, the last thing I expected to find was an ad for a fan company called "Big Ass Fans". It's brilliant really. Not unlike some of the wine companies who have taken to naming what was traditionally a stuffy category, edgy names to garner attention.
I thank this article for some assistance. Fat Basterd, Bitch Barossa, Le Vin De Merde (translation..don't step in it), Frog's Piss, and the worst of all, or best depending on your criteria meter, Cleavage Creek.

I love Big Ass Fans. First of all, the design is gorgeous. It looks inspired by mid century danes with clean, simple lines and beautiful materials.
The layout is clean, with plenty of white space and a bit of warm arrogance; the perfect combination for the upper end of the wallet.

Now, on with the commercials. This first spot was produced by McKinney advertising in the United States. It's warm and wonderful. Especially warm at the end.

Okay - a little unsettling at the end, but all in good taste.  With a little tobacco sauce on the side.

And finally, an ad for Direct TV featuring the egg and the rooster. But we're still not sure which came first.

Steve Buscemi and John Goodman ad tons of life to these animated characters. It's fun to watch, and even more fun to listen to.

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