Friday, September 28, 2012

A truly great commercial - Honda - Creative Excellence Fridays

The Toronto International Film festival came and went. I was completely untypical this year and only made it down to see one film, The Sessions.
Helen Hunt has proven she will have a career long after her beauty fades in the same vein as Helen Mirror and others truly gifted at their craft.

Let me say that the creative this week featured equally gifted film making. All in 90 seconds. Oh sure, you might say, "Tim, how do you compare a movie about a man with a terminally compromising medical condition to a ..cough cough.. car commercial?" Look at it this way. Give or take, when you compare apples to apples or mid compacts to mid compacts, there are a few differentiating factors, but for the most part, they're just cars. Like soda pop. Like tissue paper. You have your preferences but when there's really no discerning differences, you make your ultimate purchase decision based on how that car makes you feel. Or, in this case, how the commercial makes you feel.

This commercial really moved me. You know how they say, "It's the little things." You go to a cafe and they serve the latte with a tiny biscuit on the side, or a unique spoon. Attention to detail is the difference between getting by, and going all the way. The little tennis ball on a string that was hung from the rafters of the garage to keep the driver from driving in to far creates character depth and humanity. The few seconds we spend with the son and the day tell a much deeper story. The baseball glove left on the roof of the car. Who hasn't done that, only substitute it for a briefcase or a cup of coffee.

This is a truly great ad. It dispenses the safety features and beauty of the vehicle evenly with life stories of people you know.

This ad makes me proud to be in the business of story telling.

Full credits below. Congratulations to Stacy Wall at Imperial Woodpecker.


Joe Baratelli
Jason Sperling
Ken Pappanduros
Chuck Blackwell
Perrin Anderson
Hobart Birmingham
Sr. Art Director:
Jason Busa
Sr. Art Director:
Steve Chow
Sr. Copywriter:
Kevin Raich
Tony D'Orio
Toshi Oku
Digital Artist:
Scott Giannini
Art Buyer:
Ginnie Assenza
Art Buyer:
Sari Rowe
Production Manager:
Susan Cockrell

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