Friday, August 31, 2012

Memorable ads from Russian - Creative Excellence Fridays

Occasionally we like to feature commercials internationally on this weekly blog, and this week is our first contribution from Russia.

Russia has made moves in recent years towards a free market economy, so it adds more meaning to this first spot.
A Czech friend, Stan told a story once about being mandatorily drafted into the Russian army in the early 80's. In a Northern Russian town, he stood in line for what seemed like an eternity to get a piece of meat. The butcher had one cow. They started cutting in slices starting at the head and working his way down to the tail. You got the cut that happened to be where he worked his way down to according to your place in line.

It explains the joy of the man in this re-enactment from Russian of the 1950s.

This second spot in the Cherkashin series shows the actual cue in a Russian butcher store.

As much as we complain, sometimes we forget how good we have it. The ads are poignantly produced by Russian agency Voskhod out of Yekaterinburg. Enjoy your long weekend, and the short lineups at the butcher store.

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