Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a big bad burger world out there

Burger King has gone through more agencies than Kardashian boyfriends of late. And the shuttle is getting even more crowded. Ad Age reports they recently contracted a piece of business out to Brazillian owned shop Pereira & O'Dell.

Meanwhile, Mother and McGarryBowen continue with day to day projects wondering who will be the odd man out.

This is not so unusual. Today's light and flight world of marketing has more and more savy people running things from the top and keeping more proprietary data and strategy internal, and simply finding talented guns for hire to create campaigns that generate buzz and are on brand. An agency who is never too settled in will never give a client anything less than first rate work.

The flipside however is that nature and survival always win out. And any ad shop that gets the comittment from a client will put that last hour of effort towards keeping that client happy. It's sort of like dating. Whoever makes the comittment first get's all the attention.

Here's a recent transit ad from Pereira & O'Dell

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