Friday, August 24, 2012

Are disturbing commercials the new norm? Creative Excellence Fridays

Today on Creative Excellence Fridays - the cool, delicious, timeless allure of .... ice cream.

First up - a disturbing commercial which I can't decide whether I hate or not. Normally a commercial has an immediate impact. I love it. I hate it. Little Baby's Icecream follows the main principle of making the main drive of the creative about the product.  When you have a man who resembles Blue Man group, completely covered in ice cream, the product is definitely front and centre.  But here's my concern;
since when have disturbing, unsettling commercials become the new norm?
Last week we featured a spaghetti sauce commercial about a child who accidentally discovered his parents doing the nasty. This week...well...see for yourself.

One of the comments on the YouTube page sort of sums it up. "What in the _____ did I just watch?"

It's been viewed almost 2 million times. But, I'll be honest, I wouldn't put that ice cream within a mile of my mouth, or a child's mouth after watching a man scoop it off his head like a zombie eating his own brains. And, on an aside, how did the actor go 30 seconds without blinking once? Further proof he's not normal, human or even remotely convincing that I need to want to taste this ice cream.  I'll be very curious to see the sales charts on this, and I may eat my own words.  But I guarantee I won't be eating any of this ice cream.

This next commercial for Magnum chocolate ice cream bars is probably closer to what we expect to see in an ice cream commercial. Even with Rachel Bilson as the talent, it still only took in 95,000 views at posting.

Here's an ad from 1984 for Breyer's. Update the wardrobe and you'd have a very convincing commercial for 2012's all natural, organic movement.

Okay, now I'm ready for some ice cream. But only from a company that doesn't look like it's consumers are snacking on their way to a zombie convention.

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