Friday, July 13, 2012

Creative Excellence fridays - effective commercials using dogs

When you need an ad to make an impact, fast, you have a few sure fire choices.  Sex, kids or cute animals.
Today, on Creative Excellence Fridays, we're going for the fur factor and featuring extremely well executed animal commercials.   Of course, the caution with using animals is always, will my message get crowded out by the "awwwwww he's so cuteeeeeee factor."
This is what separates the film makers from the ad types.  Product placement, an acceptable percentage of logo time on screen, and building the main theme around a product advantage.

The first commercial does a nice job.  When a dog loves his bone this much, he can only trust it to Travellers insurance.

This next commercial also follows the golden rule.  Entertain and sell.  Try and watch it without going "ewwwwww" at the end.

Next an anti smoking commercial.  Kudos to the special effects crew.   A commercial for a cause that has gotten over 300,000 hits.

And finally, a commercial submitted for the Young Directors European competition in 2008.  The director was Geoffrey Enthoven.  The product is a light dog food for pooches trying to drop a few pounds.
I was a bit taken back at first.  It's made for viral, but definitely more of a European flavour.  North America is a bit too sensitive to allow something like this on mainstream TV.  Funny?  Depends on whether you're KiKi or not.

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