Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The power of social blogging

When you have a bad customer service experience, you generally storm out of the venue and pledge to never go back. And're..ummm... going to tell all your friends to never go there too! There was a time when that was generally your only recourse.

However, with social media, you now have the opportunity to tell your friends, your friends friends, their friends and...well you get the picture. That's the whole premise of social media right? Sharing, and viraling a message out.

Recently I had a terrible experience with a cleaning company. They solicited my business and I agreed to let them come into my home and try them. It was an awful experience. I agreed to their price without haggling, figuring if I put my best foot forward they'll do a great job and it will be "the start of a beautiful relationship." It was anything but. Long story short, they charged me in advance, did an awful job and disappeared. My recourse? Social media. I posted a negative review with the proper tagging in a review site, Yelp, and a few days later their business and my less than flattering words were coming up page one in Google. It's a bitter sweet experience.

Having discovered Yelp, as a result of this, I am now becoming a bit of a Yelp-a-holic. I have only written two reviews, but I am finding it enormously entertaining reading some of the more witty reviews others have written. My friend Tracy W's reviews are a great read. I especially like the one for Grace Nails, which she titled "Dis-grace Nails."

Blogs like Yelp can be very useful in getting feedback before making a final decision on a restaurant or a service. Especially if you start following people who seem to share similar interests and expectations.

And more importantly, blogs can be a great outlet for creativity or even just gold old fashioned frustration. Yes, I see some people on Yelp who perhaps need to find another hobby, but for every one of them are five others with solid, entertaining reviews.

By the way, the cleaning service? G& E Clean Team, Gladys Lasconia. Avoid her and that company at all costs, unless you have an afinity for dust bunnies and bad service.

See, blogs ARE a great outlet. I feel better already!

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