Friday, June 1, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - Never work with children or animals

WC Fields once said, "Never work with children or animals."   But in the ad industry one might say, "Work with children, animals and adorable seniors every chance you get."

An ad guys main directive is to pull your attention away from the cheese doodles, the iPad, PVR commercial skipping and whatever else is keeping you from focusing on the all important TV commercial.
So WC Fields nemesis becomes the ad guys ace in the hole.  Cute kids?  Absolutely.  Adorable puppies. Without a doubt.  A little mouse who won't say die.  Priceless.

And did I mention, the all important Monkey Commercial?

But when it comes to monkey commercials, The Suburban Auto Group still reign supreme with Trunk Monkey.

That's it for this week.   As always, your ideas and inspiration are encouraged and shared here.  Have a great weekend.

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