Friday, June 29, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - Iphone addict

Recent statistics out state that more and more of us are becoming iPhone addicts. I have to admit, I'm one of the minority, clinging on to my Blackberry. However the depressing earnings from Rim this morning give me the distinct impression I may have to defect as well if the company can't stay afloat.

So, for iPhone addicts, here are some interesting statistics from a recent survey from consumer electronics publication "Gazelle".

65% of survey respondents say they can't live without their iPhone; only 1% say they can't live without Facebook.

15% say they'd rather give up sex for a weekend than go without their iPhone for a weekend.

Nearly 70% say they've gotten rid of their iPods or MP3 players since buying an iPhone.

55% of survey respondents have given up their cameras since getting an iPhone.

More than 40% have turned in their GPS units since getting an iPhone.

58% "usually" or "occasionally" use their iPhone in social settings such as a meal or party. (otherwise known as poor social etiquette)

85% have used their iPhones in the bathroom. (Come on, you KNOW that statistic is a lot higher.)

40% of consumers say they'd like to see a bigger screen in the next iPhone version. (Although I suspect that would result in people never going home and welding their faces to their phones 24/7)

For everyone who has pent up feelings of frustration over their addiction to their iPhone, here's an excellent parody commercial. They sliced up the original and added a few Siri "special touches".

I'm off to New York for the long weekend. I'm leaving my cell phone 4G turned off and using it as a watch. I expect I'll start experiencing the shakes at about hour three and start pressing numbers randomly in elevator panels.

Have a great weekend.

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