Friday, June 15, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - European flavour

As part of our ongoing series of international ad appreciation, I wanted to present three ads to you today. Two from Scandinavia the other from Paris.

This first ad is by Forsman and Bodenfors for Volvo. I know, what are the odds a Swedish car company would use a Swedish agency to produce their ads. When they're this good, the odds are excellent.
It's a warm, whimsical commercial about a company who are successful, but not pretensious. And they appear to be genuinely in love, but not "smoopy in your face", "I want to kill these two" kind of love. They make me want to buy a Volvo. Bingo.

Next, 2 commercials in a series for the Young Director's Award. Both utilize the innocence of children in a non innocent world.

The first from TBWAHelsinki, directed by Rogier Hesp. The little girl is quite convincing.

And finally, a very funny, and disturbing commercial from BETC Paris. Sort of Harry Potter meets Stanley Kubrick.

That's it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend. As always your comments are welcome and encouraged.

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