Friday, May 18, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - beverage spots from the UK

Like many, I have long admired the dry British humour. With a long weekend approaching the first commercial this week salutes a common past time, the consumption of cold beverages with friends. This commercial for Strongbow is produced by St. Luke's Communications in London. It's beautifully shot and has strong ties to big budget indie influenced directors like Guy Ritchie.

Staying with Lt. Luke's, here's a beverage commercial that rewards those who choose to take a chance and see something new and different. What would you do if a complete stranger tried to talk you into going into a bar with a free ticket to see "my friend's band"? In this case, the payoff was quite satisfying when the band is revealed.

As always, your ideas and feedback are welcome and encouraged. Have a safe weekend.

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