Friday, April 6, 2012

Rockers roll for Madison Avenue

On last week's MadMen, one of the story lines was the pursuit of the Rolling Stones to sing a jingle on behalf of one of the agencies clients.  Watching a background interview with creator Mathew Weiner, he mentioned how the plot line was tied in a real life event.  The Rolling Stones, in fact, recorded a song for Rice Crispies in 1963.   The anti-establishment movement took a toll on pop artists singing for "the man" but this song was clearly in advance of that time.

And in 1995, Bill Gates cut a check for the use of "Start me Up" for Windows 95.  Get ready for some flashbacks when you see the large, clunky monitors and CD's sliding into trays.

The Rolling Stones have never had an issue with separating their art with their love of the almighty dollar. Here the Stones sing the song Charmed Life on behalf of Dell Computers.

Next week, as we continue our look at heritage advertising, from the age of the 60 second plus commercial, Frank Sinatra on his favourite beer. Until then, may all your creative be excellent.

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