Friday, April 27, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - A salute to Mullen advertising and Charlie Sheen on the beer wagon

Just when I think it's going to be a slow day in the blog business, Charlie Sheen rises back to the surface. Bavarian beer is based out of the Netherlands, but they are making a push for the North American market with their non-alcoholic beer. Who better than Charlie Sheen to be the spokesperson. Agency is Rempen GmbH out of Germany. Ontrackblog is a division of OntrackCommunications Inc. Next up, a mini-spotlight on US agency Mullen, based out of Boston. One of its more notable campaigns was creating the Super Bowl commercial When I Grow Up. Mullen was founded in 1970 by Jim Mullen along with Paul Silverman, who passed on in 2009 along with Joe Grimaldi. Over the years, the company grew steadily into the 22nd largest agency in the United States. Mullen is part of the Interpublic Group (IPG) of Companies. In 2011 the agency was named to Ad Age's A list as the third best agency in the country. In the same year, Fast Company named Mullen to its top 10 innovative marketing and advertising companies. Here are two spots that are real show stoppers. First up, a gorgeous piece of editing for "iRobot, do you?" Product, the robot vacuum. What better way to spotlight the product, then to reverse the tables and turn the owners into robots. I love the edit segment of the older bald actor when his head shifts up and down to the short beat of the drums. Next, a commercial for Fage Yogurt. A thing of beauty to watch. That's it for this week. Comments? We're all ears, and occasionally thumbs. Send 'em our way. And may all your creative be excellent.