Friday, April 13, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - a salute to ol' blue eyes

I'm going to see Jerry Lewis at Casino Rama tonight. One might think Jerry's performing days are a decade or so behind him. Perhaps that's the case. But I'm going for the experience. The experience of spending time with a friend I've known for 30 years, and the experience of soaking it all in.  Lewis is a performer who came up in a golden era of nightclub legends. The stories alone are worth the price of admission. At 86 I'm not expecting him to do cartwheels across the stage, but if he tells one story about the golden age of Vegas performers, I'll feel it's worth it. The king of all Vegas performers of course was Sinatra. Many might argue Elvis was "the man" but he wasn't really part of the Vegas scene until the waining years of his career.
This is my long segue into this week's theme, commercials from ol' blue eyes.

Sinatra worked hard at his craft, but he also played hard. And to play hard you need a lot of "cheese". So he was not adverse to lending his name and talents to a variety of advertisers over his long career.

Here's a classic spot, and a long one starring Sinatra and professional sidekick and pitchman Ed McMahon.

Even as late as 1988 Sinatra's name carried enough weight for a major beer company to make him the showcase of their campaign.

And, given it is Jerry Lewis I'm going to see tonight, it's only fair to feature one of his commercials. A 711 commercial from 1980.

Whaaaaeeeee Dean. That's it for this week. May all your creative be excellent.

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