Monday, March 26, 2012

Madmen melts into the sixties

After 17 months in hiatus due to contract disputes, Madmen had an uphill battle in reestablishing itself. The three time emmy award winner appears to be setting itself up to tackle the turbulent issues of the sixties book ending last night's two hour premiere with a racial theme at beginning and close.

And there's something afoot with Don Draper. Peggy cast the seed of doubt with her line, "he's too happy, too kind". A new marriage will do that to you. But throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for a man who,as Peggy observed, hates surprises can be a gamble at best. His new wife Megan had his best interests at heart, but it almost felt like one of those generational episodes when she was visiting with the "hipsters" she had invited to Don's party, while he looked on perplexed.

The competitive rancour between Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell is foreshadowing a loggerhead to come.

One can't help but think that Don and Megan will be a short lived union, as she represents the openness of the sixties, and Don is about the walls that he has lived behind for most of his adult life.

As the marijuana and martinis attempt to live in harmony at Don's birthday party, one can't help but think that the generations that have lived together at the two agencies, will start to drift apart in dramatic fashion.

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