Friday, March 9, 2012

Justin Anderson spotlight- Creative Excellence Fridays

The marketing of fashion took on a new look in 1980.  That was the year young model and Studio 54 ingenue Brooke Shields started it all with her controversial Calvin Klein commercials.

They seem pretty tame by today's standards. An extremely racy commercial has just been released featuring Agent Provocateur lingerie. (see below)
It was produced by director Justin Anderson. Anderson has a history of well shot, beauty projects including this spot for Armani jeans.

Anderson pushes the limits with this vampire inspired theme for Agent Provocateur.  You may not want to watch this in a work environment.  (Loud music and sexual images alert)

Anderson's style is unique, but hints of Kubrick and Adrian Lyne are evident.
See this commercial inspired by Armani. A bit long, but definitely visual mind candy.

Gorgeous images.  Watch for more from Justin Anderson.  Until next Friday, may all your creative be excellent.

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