Friday, March 23, 2012

Google rebrand-Creative Excellence Fridays

Google has reinvented itself several times as market conditions and technology opportunities present themselves. Now, Google attempts to win some of the market Apple's Itunes has owned for the last few years with Google Play. Google Play is not new, it's simply a new name. Sometimes a fresh face can give a product the jumpstart it needs to take hold. Google is not without their failures, but they do not give up without a fight.

Google has the extremely tricky task of selling several products simultaneously. One might ask, which product is most important for Google to win with. The answer. All of them.

Selling tech lifestyle can be easy, if you properly communicate how much better your life can be by using "their" product. But drilling down the best assets of a tech entity, and then figuring out how to insert "human" into it is the real quandary. Google is no Apple when it comes to marketing. But they're certainly no rank amateurs either.

Next week - alcohol marketing. Pushing booze ethically.
Have a great weekend. And may all your creative be excellent.

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