Friday, March 2, 2012

The art of Design - Ian Callum of Jaguar describes what makes a beautiful car on Creative Excellence Fridays

Ontrack Communications is  a broadcast and design house.  That means we have appreciation for all things design.  I was like every teenage boy, appreciating the sleek lines of the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's.  The 67 Camera, the 68 Cougar, the 71 Baracuda; all works of beauty and still are today.

Ian Callum wanted to be a car designer since he was a boy.  He's a classic example of seeing his goal clearly in front of him and focusing on it until it's achieved.  So when he saw his first Jaguar as a boy, he realized that's where he was headed.  Fast forward ahead to 2012, and Ian Callum is one of the more respected designers in his field, designing one of the premiere brands.

Callum said in  Popular Mechanics this month, "There are three heart lines, in the front fenders, roofline, and rear fenders that determine the success of every car's design."

One could argue advertising is structurally similar.   You choose a course, a direction, a flavour if you will; if the design and feel is strong enough, people will recognize your ad a mile away.  Through your personality, your visual branding, audio logos and general feel, people should be able to say "oh that's a (fill in the blank here) ad."

Washington Lottery follows with a common theme - "what will your money buy?".
Each commercial stays in line with the structure and follows a family friendly personality model.

Even some bad boy bikers have dreams.

And don't forget the "fund a precocious kid foundation".

That's it for this week.   Have an idea for a Friday theme? Please share and share alike.  May all your Creative be Excellent.

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