Friday, March 30, 2012

Tire commercials keep 'em rolling in the aisles - Creative Excellence Fridays

Welcome back to our weekly salute to creative excellence in television, video and all things creative. This week, rolling with tire commercials. The tire category has always been a competitive one. From the starting line, pun intended, tires have marketed two ways; superior technology, or superior marketing. The smart ones have both. Here's a vintage commercial from the mid sixties which would make the Madmen proud with their.. "When there's No Man Around Campaign".

Bridgestone tires cut through the clutter with memorable commercials that are truly viral worthy, and non offensive.

Enjoy these three commercials, including a deer in headlights Richard Simmons.

That's it for this week.  May all your creative be Excellent.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Madmen melts into the sixties

After 17 months in hiatus due to contract disputes, Madmen had an uphill battle in reestablishing itself. The three time emmy award winner appears to be setting itself up to tackle the turbulent issues of the sixties book ending last night's two hour premiere with a racial theme at beginning and close.

And there's something afoot with Don Draper. Peggy cast the seed of doubt with her line, "he's too happy, too kind". A new marriage will do that to you. But throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for a man who,as Peggy observed, hates surprises can be a gamble at best. His new wife Megan had his best interests at heart, but it almost felt like one of those generational episodes when she was visiting with the "hipsters" she had invited to Don's party, while he looked on perplexed.

The competitive rancour between Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell is foreshadowing a loggerhead to come.

One can't help but think that Don and Megan will be a short lived union, as she represents the openness of the sixties, and Don is about the walls that he has lived behind for most of his adult life.

As the marijuana and martinis attempt to live in harmony at Don's birthday party, one can't help but think that the generations that have lived together at the two agencies, will start to drift apart in dramatic fashion.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Google rebrand-Creative Excellence Fridays

Google has reinvented itself several times as market conditions and technology opportunities present themselves. Now, Google attempts to win some of the market Apple's Itunes has owned for the last few years with Google Play. Google Play is not new, it's simply a new name. Sometimes a fresh face can give a product the jumpstart it needs to take hold. Google is not without their failures, but they do not give up without a fight.

Google has the extremely tricky task of selling several products simultaneously. One might ask, which product is most important for Google to win with. The answer. All of them.

Selling tech lifestyle can be easy, if you properly communicate how much better your life can be by using "their" product. But drilling down the best assets of a tech entity, and then figuring out how to insert "human" into it is the real quandary. Google is no Apple when it comes to marketing. But they're certainly no rank amateurs either.

Next week - alcohol marketing. Pushing booze ethically.
Have a great weekend. And may all your creative be excellent.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Agencies and apps - Taxi potholes

The days of planning a tv campaign, some print, a home mailer, and some radio and calling yourself and agency are over.
In the battlefield of client services today your tech team play as important a role as your creative team. And the two departments need to work together to dazzle and tantalize the mobile set.
Taxi made a big splash with their pothole spotting app.

It really does come down to listening, and keeping your mind completely open to creative ways to service your base through creative apps that actually are of use.

We provided a web application for Prudent Value Cars, a quality car and finance company,  that integrated their inventory into both a custom designed digital signage solution and their website inventory page simultaneously.  The client was thrilled, and let's face it, that's what it's all about isn't it?

My much missed late friend James Graham got me reading Popular Mechanics, a hundred year old magazine that is still very in tune with the geek in all of us.  I read it faithfully each month.  Thanks James.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Creative Excellence Fridays - Johnny Walker

Thanks to Hal Roback for this excellent tribute to our Scottish friends. Johnnie Walker has created a series of creative commercials over the years, and this one is no exception.

Planning a commercial with one long take seems easy.  Obviously it's just the opposite.  All your post is live off the floor, or in this case, field, and it all has to be planned meticulously.  As well, the talent has to be flawless and extremely well rehearsed.

Check this performance from actor Robert Carlyle as he narrates the story of Johnnie Walker.  It shows off his incredible focus, as well as some brilliant Scottish countryside.

Long takes are not uncommon in Hollywood. Doing some research I came across this link from film enthusiasts Jordan Hoffman. Famous long takes in Hollywood. Enjoy.

We were in Montreal this week on a shoot so it's an abbreviated CEFriday this week.  Have a great week and may all your creative be excellent.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Justin Anderson spotlight- Creative Excellence Fridays

The marketing of fashion took on a new look in 1980.  That was the year young model and Studio 54 ingenue Brooke Shields started it all with her controversial Calvin Klein commercials.

They seem pretty tame by today's standards. An extremely racy commercial has just been released featuring Agent Provocateur lingerie. (see below)
It was produced by director Justin Anderson. Anderson has a history of well shot, beauty projects including this spot for Armani jeans.

Anderson pushes the limits with this vampire inspired theme for Agent Provocateur.  You may not want to watch this in a work environment.  (Loud music and sexual images alert)

Anderson's style is unique, but hints of Kubrick and Adrian Lyne are evident.
See this commercial inspired by Armani. A bit long, but definitely visual mind candy.

Gorgeous images.  Watch for more from Justin Anderson.  Until next Friday, may all your creative be excellent.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not just any hair stylist commercial - Justin Anderson

Coming up on this Friday's Creative Excellence Friday, we'll spotlight a controversial new commercial from European director Justin Anderson. Here's a teaser of his work.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

The 70 dollar android phone? It's coming.

The trend towards mobile technology has been dramatic as people take their offices and their lives with them wherever they go.
And with the Samsung phablet (half phone, half tablet) it seems to be a trend that will only become more prevalent.

Adding to this is news in the tech press this morning about android smart phones dropping in price. Within the next year, don't be surprised to see a smart phone available in the market place for as little as 70 dollars. This will have huge implications in smart phone transition for demographics across the board in North America and smart phone implementation in countries around the world.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

The art of Design - Ian Callum of Jaguar describes what makes a beautiful car on Creative Excellence Fridays

Ontrack Communications is  a broadcast and design house.  That means we have appreciation for all things design.  I was like every teenage boy, appreciating the sleek lines of the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's.  The 67 Camera, the 68 Cougar, the 71 Baracuda; all works of beauty and still are today.

Ian Callum wanted to be a car designer since he was a boy.  He's a classic example of seeing his goal clearly in front of him and focusing on it until it's achieved.  So when he saw his first Jaguar as a boy, he realized that's where he was headed.  Fast forward ahead to 2012, and Ian Callum is one of the more respected designers in his field, designing one of the premiere brands.

Callum said in  Popular Mechanics this month, "There are three heart lines, in the front fenders, roofline, and rear fenders that determine the success of every car's design."

One could argue advertising is structurally similar.   You choose a course, a direction, a flavour if you will; if the design and feel is strong enough, people will recognize your ad a mile away.  Through your personality, your visual branding, audio logos and general feel, people should be able to say "oh that's a (fill in the blank here) ad."

Washington Lottery follows with a common theme - "what will your money buy?".
Each commercial stays in line with the structure and follows a family friendly personality model.

Even some bad boy bikers have dreams.

And don't forget the "fund a precocious kid foundation".

That's it for this week.   Have an idea for a Friday theme? Please share and share alike.  May all your Creative be Excellent.

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