Thursday, February 23, 2012

Youtube launches over a 100 new channels

Youtube is launching 96 new entertainment channels this year.

Content creators will be providing specialized channels focusing on a variety of areas. Some of the creators are well known celebrities. Tony Hawk has the RIDE Channel with lifestyle, travel, and of course skateboarding. Jay Z Life and Times based on his website. Little Black Dress features, what else, fashion. The Wall Street Journal covers not just finance but travel, wine, food and tech. And even WWE with behind-the-scenes videos giving what is claimed to be unheralded access to WWE superstars. And even a mom channel; Modern Mom, is a lifestyle channel for moms who are dedicated to healthy choices physically and emotionally.

Many say this is the future as we take more control of our entertainment choices choosing what we want, when we want it on our tablets and mobile devices.

Leading the charge on this new Youtube initiative is Danielle Tiedt. She's a former Bing exec and she'll lead the consumer marketing team for YouTube. At Bing she oversaw a budget estimated at more than $118 million in U.S. measured-media spending in 2010, and seems well positioned to lead the Youtube charge.

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