Friday, February 24, 2012

Movie inspired commercials - Creative Excellence Fridays

The 84th annual Oscars air this Sunday night, so this week... commercials influenced by movies.

First, two directors who produced commercials to promote a product.

Here's a fun spot starring director Wes Anderson for American Express.

Michael Mann joins other main line directors doing commercials with this mock spot for a product that doesn't exist. It features a fictitious hero played by Benicio Del Toro.  The real star, the Mercedes SL500.
By the end of the clip, you're wondering "when can I see Lucky Star?".  Answer.  Never.

And finally, Tony Scott and his BMW commercial mini-movie from 2001.  Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott has a lot of films under his 67 year old belt.  Crimson Tide, True Romance, Top Gun and Unstoppable to name a few.
In 2001 BMW hired some of the hottest directors of the day to create a series a mini movies featuring, but not focussed entirely on BMW automobiles.  Ang Lee and Guy Ritchie took part.  And this is the 10 minute featurette from Scott featuring the almost always brilliant Gary Oldman, Clive Owens and the godfather of soul, James Brown.

Enjoy the Oscars.  And may all your creative be excellent.

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