Thursday, February 2, 2012

Graffiti artist chooses Facebook shares over cash - WINNER

You have to love moments like these.  A few years back as Facebook was starting out, they hired graffiti artist David Choe to paint some of the Facebook offices.    He had a choice.   Accept a few thousand dollars in cash then, or in lieu of cash, stock.  He went for the stock and when the IPO happens shortly, he'll be worth an estimated 200 million dollars.

Moments like this happen once in a lifetime, if you're lucky.  Kudo's to an artist who made a wise business decision.  As artists, and I believe we all are in some fashion, we often get caught up in the work, and plan poorly on the business side of things.

In this instance, the artist wins.  Congratulations David Choe.   Full background article fromCNN here 

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