Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google+ doesn't care if you ever come back

The name of the game is data; data mining and data filtration.  Google+ would love to see your time based streams that you so willingly post on Facebook, but frankly, they don't need them. 
Once you post your biographical data to open your initial account, they have what they need to feed it to the pipe and make money.  Google+ is designed to fuel ad targeting, and for that, they simply need you to sign up once.  This enables them to combine the information you entered initially  with your activity on Search, Gmail, Google Maps and all the other Google products to create an accurate identity profile.  And this also is the catalyst behind more relevant ads Google can charge more for simply because they are uber targeted.
Ad targeting. Google+ is designed to power ad targeting, and for that it only needs you to sign up once. This lets it combine the biographical information you initially enter such as age, gender, education, employers, and places you’ve lived with your activity on Search, Gmail, Maps and all its other products to create an accurate identity profile. And this powers targeting of more relevant ads it can charge more for.

However, this too will soon be changing.  According to a recent article in TechCrunch,  biographical data won’t be enough either. Facebook, having successfully determined who over 845 million people are, now wants to know what they do. It wants behavior data, and has created the Open Graph platform to generate and encourage apps that reveal what you do in a structured way it can target ads against.

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