Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 5 tips for better ranking video

Today we start a short series of blogs to help you get better ranking with your videos.
Getting into a vertical of a general google search is not complicted. Ranking however is a different animal. Ranking in a vertical is not unlike ranking in a general search engine. In order to optimize images, video, blogs, RSS feeds etc, you must customize your list so that certain attributes are even more specific. Let's deal specifically with video here.

Because of faster bandwidth around the world, video has become so much more prevalent in promoting and educating. You can use the same techniques to promote your website to promote your video content.

Tip #1
Place keywords in your video's filename. Remember to keep your keywords for both the metadata description and the filename relevant and specific.

Tip #2
Place keywords in the metadata of a video. Meta data is descriptive text, containing mostly keywords. Those keywords can be placed in the HTML of the video file. The goal is to make this text both describe the video and give the search spiders something to look at.

Tip #3
Link from your video to your Web site.
This will definitely work towards driving up your site's traffic and ranking. Of course, it doesn't hurt if the viral you post goes viral and takes on a life of its' own.

Tip #4
Use the power of YouTube.
YouTube was purchased by Google in 2006. As a result, any video on YouTube gets spidered and indexed much faster than on other video hosting sites.

Tip #5
Include text about the video in the page area surrounding the video link, whenever possible.
Keep in mind that video, along with images can also be web spidered. Spiders or crawlers can read and index the Meta data and the text surrounding the video, as long as the text is descriptive of the video, relevant to a user's search and full of keywords.

That's it for today. You can find more tips in the help files of SocialVideoWizards.com I

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