Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012 - Creative Excellence Fridays salutes Ed Wood

Thanks to Chris Seguin for this idea starter. If you follow classic cinema you're probably aware of Ed Wood. Johnny Dep played his life story on screen a few years back. Ed Wood had the reputation for being one of the worst directors ever. His movies, and as you'll see below commercials too, broke every rule in the book. Jump cuts, poorly focused, unrealistic dialogue, you name it. But history never took into account the appreciation for shmaltz. Definition of shmaltz? Something so bad, it's good. Literally, you have to laugh, or at least smile when you watch an Ed Wood production. And with the passing of time, they have only gotten funnier and more interesting for those same reasons.

Four commercials from Ed Wood.

And just to say we told you so, here is more proof of Ed Wood's perfection at imperfection. The Top 10 "clunkiest" moments from his cult classic Plantet 9 from Outer Space.

Have a great weekend.

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