Monday, January 9, 2012

CRTC looks to control LOUD commercials

We've all been there. We're watching a television show at a certain volume, and then a commercial comes on that is MUCH louder than the tone set by the show. It knocks you out of your chair. It's very annoying. Especially if you are watching a show that is low energy and lulls you into a relaxed state. And then, BAM, a commercial for Monster Trucks comes on and the levels are much louder than what you were just watching.
Can the CRTC legislate poor production standards at master control centres? It appears they're going to try.

Here are the background links from TVB's site.

The CRTC is seeking input on draft regulation that will require broadcasters and television service providers to control the loudness of TV commercials by September.

The decision, rendered last September, means that both broadcasters and television service providers will be required to adhere to standards developed in 2009 by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) for measuring and controlling television signals to minimize fluctuations in loudness between programming and commercials.

The Commission has proposed amending the Television Broadcasting Regulations, the Specialty Services Regulations, and the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations, as well as the standard conditions of licence for video-on-demand undertakings and the exemption order for terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertakings serving fewer than 20,000 subscribers.

Comments are due by February 13, 2012.

Source: Cartt January 03, 2012

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