Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Garage band on the iPhone

I remember when we brought the latest Mac tower into the office. I was clicking through the options and stumbled on to Garage Band. It was surprisingly easy to use and had some nice stock samples we were able to actually turn into a few productions for clients. Flash several years ahead and Garage Band is now on the iphone. I figured this would happen, but not so quickly. It raises a few questions. In an industry where we're all about quality and acoustics, do you take your iPhone into the shower with you to cut the next album? Obviously this is more for fun, or in some cases very raw, spur of the moment demos. They have photography exhibits now featuring art created on an iphone. And David Hockney (see below) just released his first iPhone art exhibit. So don't be surprised if "phone music" exhibitions happen soon.

Here's a cool link of all the things you can do with an iPhone. (like you needed to hear any more hype on the little gadget.)

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