Monday, July 25, 2011

The Whole Earth Heirs- Paul Ford from the NYTimes on Social Media

"The shortcomings of social media would not bother me awfully if I did not suspect that Facebook friendship and Twitter chatter are displacing real rapport and real conversation, just as Gutenberg's device displaced remembering."

This was a statement by outgoing NY Times executive editor Bill Keller. This quote was included in a recent Times article by Paul Ford.

If you're struggling with the whole social media transition, give this article a read.

Here is a small passage

"And how do the Whole Earth heirs of Silicon Valley stand today compared to their financially bereft Epiphonatorian counterparts? Apple couldn't get much bigger without selling oil, while the media industry has been reduced to dime-size buttons that show up on iPhone screens. Google regularly announces initiatives to "save" the newspaper and book industries — like a modern-day hunter who proclaims himself a conservationist. And Facebook, having already swallowed up enormous chunks of discretionary media consumption time, has its old-school media counterparts chasing after "Likes" as if they were cocaine being dispensed in a lab rat's cage."
Paul Ford from the Times

Another article that spins off this and the California Ideology is here The Technium

Both are good reads.

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