Monday, July 18, 2011

Big brother is not only watching, but listening while you watch TV

You had to know it was coming. A smartphone app is out that listens to the shows you watch, and suggests products, services, sites you may want to patronize as a result of your interest in a particular show.

The app serves up links, coupons or music downloads corresponding to what it hears on the tv through smartphone microphones.

In recent months, logos for music-identifying service Shazam have popped up in Procter & Gamble, Honda or American Express commercials. Progressive Insurance, Starbucks and Paramount have also linked to mobile content through Shazam tags in their commercials or web videos. The ads prompt viewers to launch Shazam with the company's logo or a call-out, and if they do, the app brings up links their websites, discounts or other goodies.

You can't blame advertisers. With PVR's and people skimming past their commercials, they need to find another way to create awareness and link people with appropriate products and services.

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